February is National Bird Feeding Month

Spread your giving wings this February and take part in National Bird Feeding Month.  The birds have it tough in winter. They have families to feed and the natural resources to do so aren't as plentiful as at other times of the year.  That's where we can all chip in and help.  National Bird Feeding Month is a chance for bird feeders, watchers, and anyone else who is feeling in the spirit to extend a hand out to our flying friends.  The month of February was created to educate the public on the seasonal journey of birds and to provide aid to the birds when it's needed the most. Here are some ways to celebrate National Bird Feeding Month and help out our feathered Friends.

How to Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month

1. Put a feeder in your yard.  If you haven't already, put different feeders in your yard to attract different kinds of birds.  Foods you can leave out include a variety of birdseed, suet cakes, seed cylinders, suet cylinders, birdacious bark butter & bark butter bits and so much more.

2. Add a place with water.  Birds struggle to get non-frozen water in the winter.  If possible, adding a heated birdbath, fountain or even a large bowl of warm water would help greatly.  Birds often gather in places where food, shelter, and water are reliable, so try to be consistent and generous.

3. Do some bird watching.  Keep an eye on the birds that make a pit stop in your yard.  Maybe the one that stops to use your water, the one who feeds or the one that sings on your fence. Either way, try and spot the pattern and identify their species.