We're the no-mess bird feeding experts!

Feeding the birds is fun, but let’s face it, they can be messy, leaving seed shells strewn about your yard, flower bed or patio.

Fortunately, we have a variety of solutions. And like your birds, these solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s one of our No-Mess Blends, Bark Butter®, Bark Butter Bits, seed and suet cylinders, suet or mealworms, we can show you how to feed the birds with no mess.

What Are You Feeding Your Birds
Select foods that minimize the amount of scattered seed that reaches the ground; our No-Mess Blends or seeds without their shells like sunflower chips or shelled peanuts work very well.

Avoid discount seed blends as they may contain large amounts of cereal grain fillers, which the birds don’t like to eat and usually end up on the ground.

Don’t overfeed. Put out only as much food as the birds will eat in a week.

All Wild Birds Unlimited seed blends are regionally selected to contain the seeds your local birds prefer – so fewer seeds are wasted and dropped to the ground. We can help you choose the right seed for your situation.

We have a wide array of tidy bird foods including suet, mealworms, Bark Butter, Bark Butter Bits.

Use Trays for Tidy Bird Feeding
Use tray feeders to keep foods from falling to the ground. The Dinner Bell™ feeder has a built-in tray and a protective, adjustable roof. You can offer any blend or straight seed from the Dinner Bell as well as cylinder and stackable foods.

Use trays under feeders to keep debris from falling to the ground. Round trays are perfect to attach to seed tube feeders and rectangular trays suit hopper feeders best. And bigger is better because there’s more area to catch falling seeds. 



No-Mess Blend Shelled Peanuts Sunflower Chips
Bark Butter Live & Dried Mealworms No-Mess Seed Cylinder
Feeder Tray Catch-A-Seed Tray Dinner Bell